Who is nicklas bendtner dating

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Might he change his lifestyle for this new chapter?“I don’t know if I actually believe in that,” he says.The security of a two-year contract seems to mean a lot.Wenger reflected ahead of Tuesday’s match on a player who had “good technique, good stature, good pace, good in the air, good link play - he had it all in the locker.” Sometimes you manage to find the qualities you think are there, Wenger said of Bendtner. Then you have to leave the key to someone else who has the potential to find it.“The move got blocked five hours before the window shut.

It's up to people to make their own judgement and I don't feel like I have to go out and say stuff, and say sorry or I'm not this sort of person.

Nicklas Bendtner is sitting in the domain of the man who once observed that he was in the “top one” of football managers and there is something extremely appropriate about that.

“I'm sure we would have got on well," he says of Brian Clough, with the very notion of two such titanic egos in the same building being one to make the eyes water. “I was very young and I might have said it too early, before I had proven I was in that category or could get in that category,” he explains.

“And it is not as if there is that much traffic in Wolfsburg." Bendtner’s contract was eventually cancelled. For all of his nine years at Arsenal, with segments on loan at Birmingham City, Sunderland and Juventus, where Antonio Conte took him, he achieved only 77 top-flight starts and only once scored more than 10 goals in a season – at Birmingham. From the car crash which left his £120,000 Aston Martin wrapped around a tree off the A1, to the £80,000 fine he received for wearing underpants bearing a bookmakers’ logo at the 2012 European Championships.

That beautiful capacity football has for rekindling old narratives sees him facing Arsenal, of all clubs, for Forest in the EFL Cup on Tuesday night and it was part of his iridescent willingness to talk that he sat down at the City Ground to reflect on what might have been and what might yet be for him. This is the individual for whom a Danish magazine purchased a plot of Scottish land at Glencoe, so that he could actually be Lord Bendtner – one of the many nicknames Arsenal fans had for him. Then there was the incident in Copenhagen which involved him unbuttoning his trousers in public, whipping a taxi and threatening the driver.

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