Religion saves dating Xxl sex chatt grat

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In sum, there are good logical reasons to wait--and that's why sex outside of marriage is a sin.

In 1960, more than 70 percent of all adults were married, including nearly six in ten twentysomethings. The old form of marriage, based on outdated social rules and gender roles, is fading.

(I would also argue that this is one reason why Jesus Christ stated the original Christian prohibition against divorce).

Indeed, even if your sex life in the marriage where you waited turned out to not be quite as satisfying as it could have been based on some sort of objective metric, perhaps you could have more easily lived with that fact.

Refraining from sin helps us to avoid pain and sadness, generally by helping us refuse to trade lesser short-term gains for greater long term-ones.

Given this basic understanding, there are at least 2 important reasons why sex outside of marriage is sinful because of the great unhappiness it can lead to.

I don't think you can just dismiss this as outmoded religious thinking--emotional pain means something hurts, just like physical pain does.

(I am not suggesting, by any means, that children raised with one (or no) parents cannot turn out perfectly fine.I agree that sex can be a very spiritual experience and that it is probably the best way to become close to someone.Indeed, as profoundly stupid about sex as Western culture tends to be, you can nevertheless see this basic fact almost everywhere in it--the typical cliche is that a one night stand leads to one or both of the individuals having emotional attachments to each other that they either regret or cannot fully satisfy until or unless they enter into a long term relationship (the stupid part being that this regret is itself presented as unfortunate, with little acknowledgement that it could have been avoided by not engaging in the act that led to the regret).They are literally everything you can imagine--beautiful, intelligent, a wonderful spouse, a terrific parent, you name it. You've had at least a few partners that were better. Or do you move on, knowing that you're not likely to find someone quite as good for you, but that you just can't live without that sexual connection?You are glorious happy, and then, either before or after the marriage, you have sex with them. Or, do you stay faithful for a few years and then cheat?

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