Rebecca breeds and todd lasance dating

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They welcomed their son, Duncan, into the world the following year.

Despite some hard times over the years, Alf and Ailsa were married until Ailsa’s death in 2001.

Despite the rough times, these couples either lasted the distance – or were torn apart by tragic circumstances.

From Alf and Alisa to Shane and Angel and many more – take a trip down memory lane as we reflect on some of our favourite Summer Bay romances. Alf & Ailsa: In 1988, Alf (Ray Meagher) and Ailsa (Judy Nunn) tied the knot in Summer Bay.

Brax & Charlie: Beloved couple Brax (Stephen Peacocke) & Charlie (Esther Anderson) didn’t have the easiest time getting together.

The fact that Charlie was a police officer and Brax was a part of an infamous gang forced the pair to hide their relationship.

Not even Ricky’s marriage to Nate (Kyle Pryor) could stop this couple from being together.

The pair pushed through and ended up staying together for quite a while.

Unfortunately Rics’s infidelity with Viv (Simone Mc Aullay) caused the couple to break up.

Once Shane met Angel’s son Dylan, she discovered that the pair got along so well and the couple soon reunited.

Shane and Angel were planning their wedding when Alf (Ray Meagher) accidentally ran Angel down with his car.

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