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Between the two world wars, Calea Victoriei developed into one of the most fashionable streets in the city.Stroll along this street from Piata Victoriei to Piata Natiunilor Unite to discover some of the most stunning buildings in the city, including the Cantacuzino Palace, the Revolution Square, the Military Club, National Savings Bank Palace and the National History Museum. Address: Calea Victoriei 141 Admission charge Grigore Cantacuzino was thought to be one of Romania's wealthiest citizens in 1899.

The street became Calea Victoriei in 1878, after the Romanian War of Independence victory.The gun platform and ramparts were defended by a ditch with a carnot wall; a wall that was built in the bottom of the ditch, with loop holes for defenders to stop attacking forces from traversing the external defences.The fort was also equipped with three caponiers; buildings that provided cover for riflemen to fire at attackers along the carnot wall, within the safety of these brick buildings.Barracks were built to the rear of the fort, and provided housing for thirty eight men.By 1873, the fort was deemed to be out of date, and plans were put forward for a replacement to be built on the site....plans however came to nothing, and in 1886, the fort was provided with two 80 pounder and three 64 pounder guns.

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