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His Academies Bill, created in haste and rushed through parliament, removed local authorities' power to veto a school becoming an academy, dispensed with parents' and teachers' legal right to oppose such plans, and allowed 'outstanding' schools to 'fast-track' the process of becoming academies.

There was widespread concern at the proposals and the lack of debate.

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Gove had described Wilkins as one of the country's 'great school leaders' (The Guardian 21 March 2011).Now, Liberal Democrats found themselves part of a government which was massively expanding academies and which was determined to reduce the role of local authorities to the point where they were 'out of the picture' altogether, according to a Whitehall source quoted in The Guardian ().The Academies Act 2010 received the Royal Assent on 27 July.Education barrister David Wolfe said: 'It is hard to escape the conclusion that this bill is undemocratic.What this does is remove the public process' (The Guardian 6 June 2010).

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