Dating kristen stewart right now

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Stella, also 26, teamed her jacket with grey jeans, wearing her blonde hair loose over her shoulders.The women have been spending a lot of time with each other in recent months and after strutting her stuff in Paris during the famous VS show, Stella rushed to Georgia to be with Kristen.So it's like, 'Oh f--k, well, we can only go to your house or mine, we can't leave the house." To be honest, that's not much to ask. Bella has been linked to a slew of Hollywood heartthrobs including Gregg Sulkin, Tyler Posey and Charlie, just to name a few. This is the longest I've been super single." But it seems like this single streak is just because she's looking for the right person, which we definitely can't blame her for.But, currently, she's not dating anyone and she made sure to confirm that in the interview. Actually, she could be gaining a lot more respect in the eyes of her fans and guys or girls who could potentially want to date her with this mantra.

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Stewart was also photographed with scraped knees and a bruised face, although it is unclear how she sustained the injuries.Bella said, "I want to go ice skating and I want to ride dirt bikes or do something dope as a date, but I can't.Because if I step outside, he's my boyfriend all of a sudden. Not only did she open up about her days on Disney, her mom, and the Charlie Puth drama, but she also talked about her dating life.She mentioned how she's single AF right now and why the holidays were super lonely without being in a relationship.

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