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The administration and the majority of people who work here are very dedicated to making sure students excel and understand all of the material in their classes.They all also make sure you're prepared for whatever you plan to do after leaving CCBC.But, a cool thing about this CCBC is that there are always events going on. If you're into that this is the perfect school for you Older student returning to college after a long break.Very nice campus with well maintained facilities despite the age of some of the buildings.Cooperative learning relationships also include St. Joseph Medical Center and the Baltimore County Police Department, among others.Even as each campus works to develop a multi-disciplined environment suited to teach contemporary sciences, electronic communications, business technologies and pop culture, it continues its emphasis on core subjects such as reading, writing and mathematics.

the last day of registration being due, they change the professor with the worst ones!!!More than 225 local companies depend on CCBC to develop and teach customized course work to their employees.The college also attracts high school juniors and seniors to its Parallel Enrollment program, which encourages select high school students ages 15 to 17 to complete up to one full semester of college at a 50 percent tuition discount.Have yet to meet a professor or employee who didn't want the best for the students.The biggest problem with this college is their PROFESSORS. The unprofessional teachers who can not teach clear!

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